The 4×4 Shop – Things to Do in Charlotte Near Me


The 4×4 Shop – Things to Do in Charlotte Near Me

We have all seen the TV commercials offroad expert team where a well known car dealer in town tells you about a new store they are going to open with hundreds of new cars and trucks, but we all thought this was simply for the auto dealers in town to make money. That wasn’t the case however, when we found out that the owner had plans to expand his store to include an entertainment district. This meant he was going to sell tickets to his concerts and shows, and even offer some of the shows for free or at a discounted price.


It is exciting to know that there are places in town to buy new and used cars, trucks and even a movie theater. There are many events going on in town and this is a way for more people to see them. There is a new food hall called the Outlet Mall at East Boulevard and Interstate 75 which will feature hundreds of new shops, restaurants and other businesses opening up. In addition, you will find three different theaters in the area for your enjoyment. These include two movie theaters, one inside the mall itself and one outside it on Folly Street.


East Boulevard and I 75 is actually one of the main areas in North Carolina where development is taking place. This area is located right in between Charlotte’s uptown and downtown areas. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on new buildings and new retail and office spaces. You can expect a lot more in the next few years in Charlotte because the demand for new homes, apartments and condos is very high.

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