Star Wars Gifts For Guys and Girls


Every one of us loves Star Wars and there is no question that many of us will love to show our Star Wars fan we care by giving them a great Star Wars gift or two. I have a friend who is a huge Star Wars fan and has several collections of Star Wars memorabilia in his home, if you know where to look. My other friend is a huge fan and collects a wide variety of Star Wars stuff, such as posters, books, action figures, and even a desk set that include a Star Wars blaster. Either of these guys would be a great gift for a Star Wars fanatic. I have seen some examples of the types of great Star Wars Gifts you can buy and there are plenty of great places to go online to find just the right type of gift basket.

What Zombies Can Teach You About Great Star Wars Gifts

In the science fiction world, we can think of the Death Star as a super duper cool Millennium Falcon, but we all know the Millennium Falcon really isn’t as cool as it was made out to be in the movies. There are lots of great Star Wars gift items that can be purchased and they really are something for any age person or in any stage of life. Some of the great Star Wars gifts for men include things like the Ultimate Collector’s Experience, the Star Wars Source Code Book, the Ultimate Collector’s Poster, the Death Star and the Emperor’s Shield. These are all great Star Wars presents for someone who collects the stuff or is a big Star Wars fan. The ultimate collector’s experience is probably the cheapest and most in demand of the lot, but it is a very cool present for anyone who loves Star Wars.

We also have to talk about Star Wars Gifts for kids because it is generally accepted that kids love Star Wars and, therefore, are great Star Wars Gift toys. I think the coolest of the bunch is the Jawbone Star Wars Action Figure, because it is absolutely amazing. The great thing about this particular Jawbone action figure is that it is really not a toy at all, but it is more of a full-size, three-dimensional human form that moves, speaks, and acts. It is totally amazing and will make a great gift for just about any kid who is a huge fan of Star Wars.

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