Q Poles


A Q Pole, otherwise known as the electric bait caster is a bait and hook system that provides the user with the ability to cast a fishing line from a reel and then hook the line once the hook is triggered. The system makes use of a coil spring which creates a popping sound as the line snaps creating a tension that allows you to pull the line through the coil. Once this has been done, it is merely a matter of slowly pulling the line until the hook snap activates the casting reel. What this means is that the Q Poles is extremely handy for small to medium-sized fish. As such, it is perfect for fishing for those species of fish that are hard to land such as chub and other types of fish that will stay deep in the water when not actively seeking a meal.

Fishing With a Q Poles

The use of a Q Poles has been seen in many forms of fishing over the years. However, it was the development of the modern fishing rod that saw the introduction of the Q Poles. This has made them a very popular option today as they allow the angler to cast their bait from further afield than ever before. This makes them a good addition to any fisherman’s tackle box. Many new designs of Q Poles are also coming out each year that feature even more control and make use of new materials like plastics and spin casting resins. With all this going for them, one would be surprised that the price of the pole has come down significantly over the years as many manufacturers are simply trying to take advantage of a growing market.

So if you are looking to get into fishing with a Q Poles, be sure to find a reputable seller. There are many options online and you want to make sure that you know you are dealing with a trustworthy and honest seller before you part with any money. Also, remember that these baits are only effective if you are prepared to actively hunt for your catch. It may sound fun, but unless you are willing to spend countless hours in the water, finding a catch of fish can become quite tedious and frustrating at times.

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