Money Delivery Trucks


money delivery trucks

Money delivery trucks are armored vehicles that are used to transport money, as well as other expensive items. Though few of these vehicles exist today, they are quite secure. These vehicles are bulletproof and can carry up to half a billion dollars. It is also possible to load them with as much money as possible, but the legal limit is $2 million per vehicle. As a result, these vehicles have very high insurance levels, which make them extremely safe.

The Secret Of Money Delivery Trucks

The average weight of a finished route truck is 12,000 lbs. The GVW, or gross vehicle weight, is the maximum motor vehicle weight. Because of the high amount of weight that a money delivery truck can carry, its armoring should be increased to a minimum of 25,000 pounds. In order to maintain the safety of its cargo, the truck should have a GVW over 25,000 pounds. Typically, the truck’s armoring is made of steel and is protected by a layer of foam-board insulation.

The money delivery truck will often stop where it is safe to do so. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes a police or garbage truck will make an unwelcome stop, and the CHP will slap the drivers. This is because the cash can’t be stored in the vehicle. Moreover, money delivery trucks are likely to be armed. This is a very serious concern for them. They can’t just pull over and wait until a driver pulls over, so they can be a threat to the public.

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